Sugar coated

ur sugar coated products are confectionery specialties that are made by covering nuts in melted sugar (not to be confused with caramelized products, another of our specialties, in which the nuts are covered in a much thinner layer of sugar and honey).

Crit d’Or’s sugar coated products are handmade, slow cooking very small batches of the finest nuts over fire with sugar and mineral water. These are some of the most prized specialties of our company, thanks to the handmade process used and their characteristic flavour.

At Crit d’Or we don’t sell sugar; we sell sugar coated products. Therefore, our recipes include a larger quantity of nuts than sugar. We only use the finest and most flavourful raw materials (such as Largueta almonds) since they contribute to the flavour of the final product.

We believe that a good sugar coated product should not merely taste like sugar, but the heart of the candy (the nut) should shine through. Therefore, we use only the best ingredients, less sugar and we cook small batches of products for approximately 1 hour, over a slow fire.