Chocolate specialities

Our chocolate specialties are all handmade, following the original recipes that Crit d’Or has developed over the years, based on the best ingredients: chocolates, pralines, honey, nuts... all carefully selected based on our quality commitment. The chocolate that we use contains 100% cocoa butter. We do not include any other fats or fat substitutes. Each chocolate coating has a distinct smell and taste based on the quality and country of origin of the cocoa used for its creation. Therefore, we only use chocolate made from the finest cocoas.

The nuts, carefully selected based on size, quality and origin, are previously caramelised; this step, which Crit d'Or adds to the usual process, provides texture to the final product as well as a characteristic flavour (to learn more about how we caramelise our products, consult the “Caramelised” section of this website).